Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee works to educate Murray Avenue students about the need for, and value of, community service. Through school-wide and grade-specific projects, the students learn how easy, rewarding, and fun it can be to incorporate service ideas into their lives. By working together, students see that their own small efforts, combined with those of their classmates, can make a significant contribution to others in need.

Every year, committee members work with teacher representatives to determine the focus of the grade-specific projects. Committee members strive to provide the teachers with the resources they need to offer students an enriching, age-appropriate experience. Examples include providing topical books to be read in the classrooms, and arranging for speakers from the benefiting charities to come to Murray to talk to the students about how their donations will be used, and how their efforts have made a difference in the lives of others.

The committee members liaison with local organizations to help provide a bridge from which Murray Avenue students can feel connected to the larger community.  Throughout the 2018-2019 school year the school partnered with Midnight Run (NYC), The Sharing Shelf (Westchester),  the Humane Society (New Rochelle) and Larchmont Friends of the Family.

We thank the Murray Avenue community for their dedicated and on-going support across our projects and events.  We look forward to another great year of learning, helping and giving.

Please contact Andrea Simpson, Ulli Heregger or Natalie Lapointe if you have any questions, suggestions or if you would like to join the Community Outreach Committee.


School Wide Projects

October 15-18:  Clothing Drive to benefit The Sharing Shelf

November 4-8: Food Drive to benefit HOPE Community Services

December 2-14: Toy Drive

May 11-15: Stuffed Animal/Toy Prize (trinket/party favor) Drive to benefit Bronx school carnival

Grade Level Events (events may change based on teacher preferences)

Kindergarten: Assembly of lunches to be distributed by the Midnight Run organization to the homeless in NYC

1st Grade: Gather and assemble toiletry care packages ("Blessing Bags") to be distributed by the Midnight Run organization to the Homeless in NYC

2nd Grade: Create animal toys and gather needed supplies to benefit the New Rochelle Humane Society

3rd Grade: Walk-a-thon after the Kindergarten Halloween parade, combined with piggy banks distributed prior, the Murray community (raised over $4,500 to benefit Larchmont Friends of the Family last year)

4th Grade: TBD

5th Grade: Packaging meals and supplies to be distributed by the Midnight Run organization to the homeless in NYC