One of the goals of the Murray PTA is to connect families with the school and inform parents of the many enrichment opportunities available through the PTA. We communicate primarily through email; if you would like to be added to the PTA email distribution list or have any problems receiving PTA emails, please contact the Communications Team (


May 2020 PTA General Meeting

On Friday, May 29th the Murray Avenue PTA held their Spring general meeting. Dr. Melnyk and Mr. Porricelli spoke about distant learning, what’s happening at Murray, and answered questions parents had.

Use the Zoom link to watch and enter the password: 7F#AF@$6

January 2020 PTA General Meeting and Literacy Presentation

On Friday, January 24th, the General PTA Meeting was held. The PTA was joined by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Annie Ward and the Elementary Literacy Team (Laurie Pastore, literacy coach; Maggie Hoddinott, literacy ambassador, and Suzanne Carroll, Response to Intervention coordinator) to learn more about the District's innovative approach to reading instruction and how you can support your child(ren)'s reading journey(s) at home.

Kindergarten Parent Coffee

On Thursday, October 31st Principal Melnyk, Ms. Bruno, and Ms. Opas spoke about child development and had an informative discussion regarding all things Kindergarten.

2nd Grade Parent Coffee

On Friday, October 25th Ms. Vieira and Ms. Goldenberg met with 2nd grade families to discuss the new science curriculum, reading, writing, and the home school connection. Please find the audio recording of this conversation below.

3rd Grade Parent Coffee

On Friday, October 18th Colleen Melnyk along with Lorraine MaGee and Alexis Pirone, spoke with parents about what to expect in 3rd grade from both a curriculum point of view and independent growth. You can listen to the audio and view the presentation

4th Grade Parent Coffee

On Friday, October 11th Colleen Melnyk along with Karen Harris and Mari Lipton, spoke with parents about what to expect in 4th grade from both a curriculum point of view and independent growth.

5th Grade Parent Coffee

On Friday, October 4th Mr. Zenie spoke with 5th grade parents regarding the health curriculum. You can listen to the recording below:

He was followed by Ms. Elkins and Mr. Rivel who spoke about the 5th grade curriculum, how they are beginning to prepare students for Hommocks, and what to expect this year. You can download the 5th Grade Parent Coffee Presentation and listen to the recording below:

September 2019 PTA General Meeting

On September 27th the PTA held its first general meeting of the school year. Colleen Melnyk and Matt Porricelli discussed their vision for the school year, followed by a conversation with our District Elementary Literacy Coach, Laurie Pastore, regarding writing development. Please find the audio recording below and the accompanying presentation The Developing Writer K-5.


Grade Level Coffees

This fall (2018), the PTA was pleased to host Grade Level Coffees for each grade and hear from faculty and administrators on grade specific issues. Below you will find notes from each grade level coffee as well as any available supporting short video clips. The PTA is deeply appreciative of the time and effort our faculty and administrators dedicated to these coffees and the PTA hopes to do these coffees annually as attendees found them to be extremely helpful.

Laurie Pastore/Literacy Presentation

District literacy coach, Laurie Pastore, gave a very informative presentation on Literacy and the Word Study approach. This workshop (aimed at parents of children in grades K-3) covered the district's approach in three key areas in the elementary curricula: reading, writing and word study. K-2 word study in Mamaroneck provides Murray students with an important foundation in phonemic awareness and phonics, and helps children learn how to spell and read new words. Third grade word study adds grammar, syntax and convention to the learning progression. The workshop introduced parents to the word study approach and offered tips for supporting children at home. Click Here for a copy of her handouts. A video of her presentation will be posted soon.

Murray Math for Families

Did you miss math coach Selina Hedigan's presentation Friday about how math is taught at Murray? Her presentation, along with loads of information about how you can support your child at home in math, are located on the Murray Math for Families Google classroom. To join, please download the Google Classroom app and click on + Join with this code: u2h20pf. Questions? Ms. Hedigan can be reached at

Internet Safety Presentation for Parents

If you missed the enlightening Digital Citizenship meeting with District technology coach, Jesse Dancy, click here (look under Announcements) to read all about how the District is teaching our kids to be smart, safe and respectful on the internet...and how you can help unplug at home, too. The link includes Jesse's presentationhandout, and a family media agreement.

Ginny Lockwood/Reading Presentation

District Literacy Coach, Ginny Lockwood, led a dynamic conversation about supporting our children in developing rich and vibrant reading lives. She discussed how we can help cultivate the habits of talk and collaboration so critical in comprehension, as well as to to balance student's choice while also supporting reading studies happening in the classroom. Click here to view her powerpoint presentation, and here for a list of her current favorite picture books, appropriate for older grades. Also, click here for District Literacy Ambassador Maggie Hoddinott's blog and personal book selections (

Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center Parenting Workshop

Hand-out from LMCC "Raising the Child You Have": please find the handout here

Follow up to Annie Ward's Presentation

Did you miss Annie Ward's informative presentation, "Making it at Murray", where she talked about the evolution of our science curriculum and how the district is incorporating STEAM into the classroom? Click here to see her powerpoint presentation and for her recommended list of related resources and readings.

Software Reading and Writing Tools for Students

Our school district has recently purchased software to support reading and writing for our students; CoWriter Universal and Read & Write for Google. Please see the letter here to parents from Andrew Hess, MUFSD Assistive Technology Specialist for more information and to start using these tools or visit his district website HERE.