Murray PTA Awards Grants Program

Every year Murray Avenue parents generously support our three major fundraisers: The Book Fair, Parents' Night Out, and Spring Fair. It is through the success of these fundraisers that we are able to make PTA Grants possible.

In the fall, teachers and staff have the opportunity to apply for a PTA class grant. Class grants provide funding for creative programs or materials to enhance our rich curriculum. Grants may be requested for an individual classroom, a grade level, a special or the entire school. Once the applications are submitted, they are thoroughly reviewed by Principal Monaco, the PTA Grants Committee and the PTA Executive Board. After careful review, grants are awarded based upon those which will have the greatest positive impact on our students.

Please contact our Grant Committee Chairs with any questions: Johanna Snyder, Rachel Sztul or Lauren Belisle (VP Faculty Relations) at You can also download the Grant Application.

PTA Grants Committee

Johanna Snyder (Co-Chair)

Rachel Sztul (Co-Chair)

Lindsay Gourevitch (VP Faculty Relations)

Darcy Froehlich

Mia Mandel

Caren Sallada

Allison Sundel


The Murray Avenue PTA was able to fund 16 grants totaling $14,564.80 this school year.

Literacy development:

Ms. Finn purchased listening center equipment and books for her class. These materials will help foster a love for reading and listening to fiction / nonfiction texts for all students. They are particularly useful for Kindergarten students, whose decoding skills typically do not yet match their comprehension skills.

Ms. Nolan, Ms. DeLaurentis, Ms. Dizenzo, Ms. McShea, Ms. Brady, and Mr. Stroud have purchased new classroom Guided Reading Sets. These sets include 96 new titles, ranging in reading level. The variety of texts will meet the needs of readers on all different levels. These new books will help foster a love for reading, help children practice decoding skills and learn different comprehension strategies.

Ms. Nolan, Ms. DeLaurentis, Ms. Dizenzo, Ms. McShea, Ms. Brady, and Mr. Stroud purchased easels and learn-to-draw books for all first grade classrooms. These books encourage and support students as the explore artwork and drawing. When using these books, children will engage different modalities such as fine motor, dexterity, and following both visual and written instructions. The books will help children build their visual and spatial skills through drawing. They chose a variety of drawing books, science to king, queens and castles to meet the needs and interests of all children.

Ms. Delasho purchased new items to create a space in her room that will be conducive to quiet reading and literacy work. She purchased bean bag chairs, new rugs and lighting in order to make a comfortable space for children. Fostering a love and comfort around reading is a crucial for literacy development.

Gross / fine motor development:

The Physical Education Department (K-5) Mr. Zenie, Ms. Dyer and Mr. Rainaldi purchased a new Gaga Pit for the large 1st/2nd grade playground. This will allow P.E. teachers to utilize this space for class, and in will provide another place for children to play during recess time. It fosters gross motor development, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

The Physical Education Department (K-5) Mr. Zenie, Ms. Dyer and Mr. Rainaldi purchased a large storage bins to be located in the shed on the large playground. These bins will allow P.E. teachers to store equipment and materials for their classes. Storing equipment for their outdoor classes in crucial for the longevity and protection of the games, balls, etc.

Ms. Melnyk (K-5) has purchased new playground equipment and games to be used for outdoor and indoor recess, as well as for PE classes. These new games will allow children to have more options during their free play time. The games promote physical activity, and gross and fine motor skill development. The games purchased are specifically geared for multiple children to play at one time. This allows students to collaborate, interact with each other, and practice and develop crucial problem-solving skills.

Dina Sterman purchased at Build n’ Balance Beam Set for the use for both the PT and OT therapies. The set allows children to work on balance and coordination. It provides another tool for children to develop and strengthen skills. The balance beam can be used for obstacle course, motor planning and perceptual skills.

Social-emotional / behavioral learning:

Ms. Brennan and the fifth grade purchased flexible seating options for her 5th grade class to give children the flexibility to move throughout the school day and maintain their level of engagement. The seating will provide sensory input and sensory integration for students so that their bodies are regulated and reach optimal arousal level for all learning.

Ms. Finn purchased a play kitchen for her kindergarten class. It promotes and encourages dramatic play for children. Dramatic play is a crucial component in child development, as it allows children to interact and work with one another. Children experiment with social and emotional roles and through cooperative play, they learn to take turns, share responsibility and problem solve. The wooden kitchen is durable and long lasting.

STEM Learning:

Ms. Dolan has purchased garden resources and tools to support the fifth grade garden/farmer’s market curriculum. She purchased gardening books, tools and bins that will be used by fifth graders are they explore, learn, plant and harvest in the garden. The books will allow for children to learn new concepts and facts about the garden while they delve into hands on work outside.

Ms. Goldenberg and the second grade (can be used by the whole school) purchased a subscription of Mystery Doug. Mystery Doug is a science website that provides students with a wide variety of scientific questions that have been submitted by other students. The subscription allows teachers to use this website to help engage students and explore new scientific concepts. They are able to delve deeper into topics that spark students’ curiosity and encourage their own students to keep asking questions.


Ms. Meltzer and Mr. Wojcik (Band/Orchestra) purchased Bell Kits for the percussionists in the band. These are large kits and having sets at school will mean that students will be able to leave their own kits at home. They will use the Bell Kits to practice during their Band period and for concerts.


Ms. Finn, Ms. Bruno, and Ms. Santavicca purchased small, kidney shaped tables for their classrooms. These small tables allow each teacher to have a space that is conducive to small group work. Teachers can work interact with and teach a few children at a time, and each child has appropriate space for his or her materials. Small group work happens each day, in various ways and disciplines. They tables are perfect for small group guided reading lessons.

Ms. Moroney and Ms. Franco purchased brand new bookshelves and book bins for their growing classroom library. This team of teachers in third grade expanded their library this year to meet the needs of all of their learners. With the incredible new library, they need a place to organize books by genre and level and to make them easily accessible for their learners.

Ms. Bruno purchased a set of class chair pockets to manage classroom materials. The reusable, durable chair pockets allow students to store and manage their materials right on the back of their chairs. They keep folders and books organized and maximize storage space in the classroom.