New Family Liaison Buddy Program

The New Family Liaison Buddy Program works by connecting new and recently joined families with an established Murray family. That way in those first few weeks of school your child will know some friendly faces, and you will, too. And they'll be on hand to help you settle into the new area.

We try to connect families with children of similar ages. The idea is that the two families arrange an informal meet-up. This might be over brunch or lunch at their home, or perhaps a playdate at one of our local parks.

They'll also be on hand to answer any queries by phone or email about the Murray Avenue School or Larchmont itself. Everything and anything from what Orange Flag arrivals and dismissals mean, to how you can get involved in the PTA, what kids wear for gym class, whether kids take a packed lunch or hot lunch, how to sign up for our great after school classes, or what the best channels are for corresponding with your children's teachers, etc.

This program focuses on families who have kids starting in classes other than K (where it can sometimes feel more challenging for both kids and parents to break into established friendship groups) and/or who are starting part way through the school year, or those who have just moved from elsewhere.

New to the school and seeking an established family to buddy with? Or want to volunteer as a Buddy Family? Please contact Becky McDonough and Karen Marino at for more details.