Nutrition & Wellness

Today’s parents are committed to preparing their children to make smart choices when it comes to their health and well being.  The Health and Wellness Committee works to build on that foundation. We are committed to providing resources that foster the development of wellness practices for cognitive, social and emotional, as well as physical health. Through fun and engaging programs, children can continue to learn about the importance of physical activity and healthy food choices in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Food Allergies

To help teachers and parents, the PTA has published a list of Allergen-Free Foods and Snacks

Crunchy Carnival

A fun and educational evening of food-related games and learning

Click here for the Pea Pot Planting Instructions.

Contact: Co-Chairs: Erica Wishner, Violaine Herlitz or Dana Leven.

Lice Policy

For your convenience, the MUFSD policy on head lice is located here.